Press and Playwright Highlights

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
by Kristoffer Diaz, directed by Jeremy Aluma
3.5 STARS “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity shows exquisite staying power.”Chicago Tribune
“Aluma’s production is, quite simply, all-inclusive & terrifically breathtaking.”Chicago Theatre Review
“Aluma’s direction sizzles and his cast of actor/wrestlers are all outstanding.”Third Coast Review
“Director Jeremy Aluma clearly understands the textures of Diaz’s script” – Chicago Stage Standard
“Director Jeremy Aluma knows the work inside and out” – Chicago Theater Beat
“a marvelous production under Jeremy Aluma’s direction.” – WDCB, The Arts Section
“taut direction by Jeremy Aluma” – Splash Magazine

Lunatics & Actors
by David Bridel, directed by Jeremy Aluma
Under Jeremy Aluma’s finely tuned direction” – LA Times
Under Aluma’s fluid direction” – Stage Raw TOP TEN & RECOMMENDED
Director Jeremy Aluma shows what a master can do”Theatre Ghost
Under the direction of Master Clown Jeremy Aluma” – Stage Happenings
only clowns in Aluma’s pack could pull off” – Signal Tribune
Aluma has performed a yeoman’s job” – Edge Media Network
under the astute direction of Jeremy Aluma” – Theatre Notes
Aluma smoothly directs” – Broadway World
cleverly directed” – Discover Hollywood

Four Clowns
conceived and directed by Jeremy Aluma
“Jeremy Aluma, the budding genius”Stage & Cinema
“weird and wonderful, daring and energetic”Huffington Post
“fan favorite”LA Times
“Aluma … his cast is gifted” GO!LA Weekly
“expertly crafted and directed by Jeremy Aluma”LA Theatre Review
“Jeremy Aluma’s direction, to say the least, is nothing short of brilliant, like the piece itself.”Broadway World
“the best clowns I have seen”Stage Happenings
“the best show I’ve seen potentially ever”Minnesota Public Radio
“standout director Jeremy Aluma”NY Theatre Now
“the art and magic of Jeremy Aluma” – Long Beach Acting Examiner
“sublimely ridiculous and moving show” Theatre is Easy
“Jeremy Aluma’s fantastic Four Clowns is rowdy, irreverent, totally inappropriate, slightly dangerous, and very funny.”San Francisco Guardian

by William Shakespeare, directed by Jeremy Aluma
Under Jeremy Aluma’s stalwart direction”Show Mag
“Aluma has deftly infused his magic directing”Broadway World
“Aluma’s production, confident and competent” – Stage Happenings
“well performed and thoroughly engaging”Orange Curtain Review
“depth of talent on display”Colorado Boulevard

Four Clowns: Romeo & Juliet
by William Shakespeare, adapted & directed by Jeremy Aluma
“laugh-out-loud performance”LA Times
“Jeremy Aluma’s brilliant, fierce and visceral comedy”Random Lengths
“director Jeremy Aluma orchestrates with perfect comedic timing.”LAist
“On their way to worldwide success” Stage Scene LA
“One of the best shows at this year’s Hollywood Fringe” Turnstyle
“Their clowning was masterful and extremely clever.” – Stage Happenings
“It’s no wonder this quartet lead by Director Jeremy Aluma swept the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Awards.” – LA Theatre Review

Last Days of Judas Iscariot
by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“full of heart, thought, and raucous vigor. I think Jesus would be proud.” – Playwright, Stephen Adly Guirgis
“I’ve already stated that I think Jeremy Aluma is a talented director, but it bears stating again.”LA Theatre Review
“director Jeremy Aluma has given it a terrific production, with a huge and sterling cast”LA Weekly
“Director Jeremy Aluma’s rendition benefits from striking visual imagery and several outstanding performances.”Backstage
“The 23-person cast all performs exceptionally well.”Campus Circle
“Aluma has directed an amazing and talented cast.” – Santa Monica Mirror
“Aluma’s rendition is a highly impressive performance.” – Daily 49er
a wonderful treatment in the version directed by Jeremy Aluma”Random Lengths
“The actors are exceptional throughout the production.” – Los Angeles Loyolan

Ubu The Sh*t
by Alfred Jarry, adapted and directed by Jeremy Aluma
“an incredibly unique theatrical experience” Neon Tommy
“an energy that was impossible to ignore” LB Post
“Aluma’s adaptation adroitly captures” Grunion Gazette
“both shocking and hilarious” Review Plays
“a lively and entertaining evening” Random Lengths
This play is a must see” Daily 49er

In Arabia We’d All Be Kings
by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“Alive Theatre is a young, dynamic, multi-cultural company producing vibrant work on a shoe string. They are straight up ‘of the people, for the people.’ Strength, commitment, talent, and heart abound!” – Playwright, Stephen Adly Guirgis
“Director Jeremy Aluma expertly puts his large cast through their paces” – LA Weekly
“Expert directorial choices”District Weekly
“Kudos to everyone involved — especially director Jeremy Aluma” – Grunion Gazette
“so flawless that you can’t imagine the thing being produced again by any other company.” – What The Butler Saw

Theatre in the Dark
by Jeremy Aluma and Odyssey Ensemble, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“Stand-out pieces include … ‘Prehistoric Hunt’ (directed by Jeremy Aluma).” – Life in LA
“seamless staging…cheerfully experimental” – LA Times
“a powerful play” – Culver City News
“fun, unique experience and a once-in-a-lifetime chance” – Topanga Messenger
“Your mind and emotions are on a little roller coaster ride.”Los Angeles Post
“artfully manipulate all the senses within the live performance”LA Weekly
“spooky, experimental and heartfelt”Total Theater
“The cast were magnificent”Playwriting in the City
“inventive evening” – Frontiers LA
“superb storytellers”Broadway World

Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)
by Sheila Callaghan, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“Five words to describe Sacred Fools’ production of my play Crumble: passionate, raw, playful and totally unsettling.” – Playwright, Sheila Callaghan
“Jeremy Aluma should be commended for his eloquent work.”Huffington Post
“deft physicality that is director Aluma’s trademark.”Turnstyle
“Director Jeremy Aluma sets Crumble ablaze”Burbank N Beyond
“The cast, under Aluma’s masterful direction, is riveting” – Santa Monica Mirror
“under Jeremy Aluma’s imaginative direction” Stage Scene LA
“Everyone here put in a great show, from directing to acting” LA Theatre Review
“diverse acting skills and presence on stage” – Daily 49er

Ubu The Shit
by Alfred Jarry, adapted & directed by Jeremy Aluma
“intrepid and brashly idealistic young artist Jeremy Aluma, who has commandeered a talented troupe to bring his delightfully skewed vision of the overlooked classic crashing into glorious new life.”  CRITIC’S PICK –  Backstage
“Pay close attention to Aluma’s ability to preserve a fine balance between the absurd and the juvenile.” –  Grunion Gazette
director Jeremy Aluma’s energetic production crackles with stylized movement”LA Weekly

Beyond Dark
by Jeremy Aluma and Odyssey Ensemble, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“an unforgettable experience” Campus Circle
“an exquisite experience of emotions and senses”Actors Entertainment
“Another effective company-created piece, this one composed purely of sounds, is ‘Prehistoric Hunt,’ directed by Jeremy Aluma.”Backstage

The Adventure Play
by Anthony Cretara & Jasper Oliver, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“A nifty sliver of theatrical invention by director Jeremy Aluma” GO! LA Weekly
“tremendous joy to be found”  – District Weekly
“It’s absurd and very funny.”What The Butler Saw
“Director Jeremy Aluma perfectly mixes different styles that manage to elevate the work far beyond the usual.” Union Weekly

What Can We?

by Craig Abernethy, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“launched into Aluma’s fabulously physical style of theatre” – Long Beach Acting Examiner
“You will not be disappointed!”Hello Long Beach
“A great way to begin the evening, it comes across as ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ on Red Bull.”The Huffington Post

Actor’s Nightmare
by Christopher Durang, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“Director Jeremy Aluma is to be praised for eliciting strong performances from all of his actors.”Palisadian Post
“ensemble efforts excel … miraculously in synch” Huffington Post
“good for many laughs” – Santa Monica Mirror
“soars to its absurd but very funny climax” –  Random Lengths

Sister Mary Ignatius
by Christopher Durang, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“director Jeremy Aluma’s intermittently droll and ultimately workmanlike production” – LA Weekly
“perfect comedic timing that had the audience laughing the entire time” – Santa Monica Corsair
“Director Jeremy Aluma presents a bodacious one-act” – Campus Circle

by David Bridel, directed by Jeremy Aluma and David Bridel
“a psychedelic odyssey”Night-Tinted Glasses
“full of adventure, song, dance and magic”LA Art Examiner
“The humor is edgy, dark” – Jewish Journal
“food for thought as well as laughter” – Random Lengths

by Greg Banks, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“Wonderfully creative and imaginative”Geek Authority
“Incredibly interactive”Orange Curtain Review
“Incredible”Bitter Lemons

Cabaret: Rock The Boat
by Buddy Mackinder, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“Saturday Night Live greatness”Beachcomber
“Aluma wants to rescue and resuscitate (he does, gloriously) the vaunted variety show” Grunion Gazette
“there are scenes, songs and chorales that bring on goosebumps, they’re so tightly choreographed and beautifully sung.”LA Weekly

The Post Office
by Natalie Camunas, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“beautiful and simple, startling and so effective” – Playwright, Natalie Camunas
“heartwarming and emotionally touching, well directed” Broadway World

by David Bridel, directed by Jeremy Aluma and David Bridel
“startlingly strong”Stage Happenings

Henry’s Potato
by Zach Steel and Adam Carpenter, directed by Jeremy Aluma
“Aluma is a joy to work with, filled with inspiration and a keen wit. He can pinpoint precisely what a piece needs and deliver just that.” – Playwright, Zach Steel

“Alive Theatre helmed by the perpetual smiler Jeremy Aluma.”District Weekly
“Alive Theatre, founded by Danielle Dauphinee and Jeremy Aluma, has the potential to be Long Beach’s Steppenwolf.”Beachcomber